Innovative laser technology now allows you to enjoy life without the constant need for hair removal. The advanced treatments offered at Laila’s Beauty & Laser can also be used to eliminate sun spots, freckles and skin pigment which may be bothering you.

Get Started For A First Time Hair Removal

Advanced treatment is available for areas including lip, chin, face, bikini, back and chest plus full and half leg.

Electrolysis hair removal treatment Sydney

Permanently disrupt hair growth with electrolysis treatment at Laila’s Beauty & Laser.

What to do before an Electrolysis appointment:
1. Do not shave area to be treated for at least a week.
2. If you are treating your face, kindly remove make-up prior to your appointment.
3. Discontinue any retinol/retinoid treatment before your first appointment.
4. Avoid spending too much time in the sun.