Bestow Beauty Plus Oil

Bestow Beauty Plus Oil


Bestow Beauty Plus Oil is a booster version of Bestow Beauty Oil, providing extra nutritional support during times of stress or ill health.

Bestow Beauty Oil supplies us with primary essential fatty acids, the first fatty acid’s in the Omega 3 and Omega 6 chain. In some circumstances (nutritional deficiencies, ill health and stress) a road block can occur in our bodies, stopping us converting the primary EFA’s into secondary EFA’s.

The Bestow Beauty Plus Oil is a booster version of the Beauty Oil, providing us with both primary and secondary Essential Fatty Acids, and skirting around any possible blockages.

The other great thing about Bestow Beauty Plus Oil is that it clears the existing blockage enabling you to then go on to the normal Bestow Beauty Oil, processing it more efficiently and helping to maintain those great results.


We recommend you begin with Bestow Beauty Plus Oil to clear any existing processing blockages and to address EFA deficiencies efficiently. After one or two bottles, you can then move onto Bestow Beauty Oil.

It is fine to remain on Bestow Beauty Plus Oil indefinitely if you wish. The blackcurrant and coconut oils make the taste of the Bestow Beauty Plus Oil milder and more fruity than Bestow Beauty Oil and some people prefer it.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Take one tablespoon of Bestow Beauty Plus Oil every day, mixed into food.
INGREDIENTS: Organic cold pressed flaxseed, safflower oil, hemp, coconut, evening primrose and blackcurrant seed oils.


“Bestow Beauty Oil Plus tastes beautiful, looks beautiful and keeps my skin beautiful! I have a tendency to struggle with eczema, but it has markedly improved by taking Bestow Beauty Oil over the years. Recently I forgot to take my oil due to a change in my eating habits and to my horror, my eczema started to return. I started taking a tablespoon of Bestow Beauty Plus Oil and it is back under control again. The more fruity flavour, due to the blackcurrant oil, tastes great in my soaked muesli every morning. As a beauty therapist, I recommend Bestow Beauty Plus Oil when my clients are stressed, under the weather or have a poor digestive system which stops them from producing the full family of fats required for health.” — JULIA O’GORMAN


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